Exide Combo (Exide Inva Master IMST1500 +Exide 1050 VA Sinewave UPS)



Brand       :    Exide 1050VA

Warranty  :    24 Replacement


Brand       :   Exide IMST 1500

Warranty  :   54 Months (36 Replacment+                                          18 Pro-rata)

Rs.26,554.00 Rs.21,957.00

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Exide 1050VA Home UPS 12V Latest Model Features: Power ON/OFF Indicators including Battery Charging and Charged Very fast change over time from Mains to UPS and vice versa Reduces PCB size and Increase the reliability 3 Battery Charging Modes which Includes 9Amps,11Amps, 13Amps LCD Shows the status of Load percentage, battery voltage, AC Volts and Mains Cut off Manual bypass Switch for mains input Requires – Exide 12VAH 100-200AH Single battery 12Volts Based on Backup requirements Suitable for Computers, Sensitive Devices like LED, LCD, etc Comes with 24 Months Warranty India Wide Support from Exide Pure Sine Wave UPS Requires External battery Flat or Tubular Battery Single Phase Connection Charger type: ASIC Protection against Overload on Mains, Overload on Battery, Low battery Voltage and Short circut Exide Inva Master IMTT1500 Description The Exide INVAMASTER Range of tubular inverter batteries are designed with thicker plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand power outage.

Additional information

Inverter Combo Brands


Inverter Combo Capacity

1050 VA

Inverter Combo Bat Capacity

150 Ah

Inverter Combo Output

Pure Sine Wave


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