Exide Combo (Exide Tube Master TM 500 + Exide 1050VA Sinewave UPS)



  • Brand                       : Exide
  • Model                       : TubeMaster 500
  • Capacity                   : 150AH
  • Battery warranty    : 36Months
  • Inverter Type          : Pure Sine Wave UPS
  • Capacity                   : 1050 Watts
  • Inverter Warranty : 24 Months
  • Higher Acid Volume / Ampere-Hour of Tall Tubular
  • Economical Range
  • Rugged Tubular Plates

Rs.22,149.00 Rs.18,827.00

Exide Tube Master TM 500 + Exide 1050VA Sinewave UPS:
  • Deep cycle design(600 — 700 cycles at 80% D.O.D.), Faster recharge o Tubular Technology, Suited for frequent and long powercuts of Suitable for frequent Power Outages.
  • Exide Premium Pure Sine Wave Ups Exide Premium Pure Sine Wave Ups System Is A High End Dsp Based Pure Sine Wave Home Ups With Grid Quality Power Output Which Guarantees 100% Protection And Long Life Of Your Electrical And Electronic Appliances.
  • Dsp (Digital Signal Processor) Based Sine Wave Home Ups – A High Speed Microprocessor For Grid Quality Power Same As Mains
  • Lcd Display: For Better User Interface And Displaying State Of Battery Voltage And Charge, Ac Mains Input Voltage, Display Actual Load Connected In %, Display Overload, Short Circuit Trip, Battery Low Trip, Ac Mains Fuse Blown, Etc. 5. Electrolyte Level Sensor 
Exide Combo (Exide Tube Master TM 500 + Exide 1050VA Sinewave UPS):

Brand Exide
Inverter Type Inverter-Home UPS
Inverter Capacity 1050 VA
Inverter Output Pure Sine Wave
Inverter/UPS Warranty 2 Years
Battery Warranty 36 Months
Battery Capacity 150 Ah


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